Tim Pickens

Rocketcity Rocketman

Chapter 1

Some of Tim's Rocket Accomplishments

Currently Tim as a hobby is building a Hydrogen-Peroxide powered rocket backpack with his friend Mark Wells. 




LOX-Alchohol Engine

Designed by Tim Pickens

Built by Tim Pickens and Steve Johnson



N20-Propane Engine

Designed by Tim Pickens

Built by Tim Pickens and Steve Johnson



N20-Propane Rocket Engine

Designed by Tim Pickens

Built by Steve Johnson and Tim Pickens


Pancake Hybrid Rocket Engine

Designed and built by Tim Pickens


Tim's Collection of Homemade Liquid Engines and Hybrid Motors


Tim's 500 pound thrust steam rocket


Project HALO hybrid motor test (The Early Days)


The SL1 Project HALO rocket


Project HALO 800 pound motor test


Tim's 4000 pound thrust LOX-Kerosene engine


Tim's 4000 pound thrust engine during testing


Tim working on 4000 pound thrust engine to vehicle integration with SAI



12,000 and 4000 pound thust LOX-Kerosene engines which Tim tested at Space-America


50,000 pound thrust LOX-Kerosene Engine for X-34 that Tim was co-designers with SAI


LOX-Kerosene Test Stand That was retrofitted and refurbished by Tim for H202-Kerosene


Tim designed and installed electro-mechanical aids to propulsion system for Hybrid Dynamics Aerospace


What happened to the DCX- Tim and Greg Allison bought it


One of Tim's Fun Projects- The N20-Acrylic Hybrid Rocket Powered Bicycle


Another Tim Fun Project- Ground Effect Water Kite


A small sample of the parts Tim keeps at hand

If you need a aerospace valve, tank, or other hardware contact Tim Pickens


More Tim

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