• Hydrogen-Peroxide Powered Rocket Belt
  • Early in 1999 a small team was started to revive some old manned rocket technology , the Rocket – Powered Backpack. The team consist of Tim Pickens and Mark Wells of the Huntsville Alabama area, and Glen May from Byhalia Mississippi. The project is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Moore, a mild mannered engineer that worked on the first prototype at Redstone Arsennal. Mark was good friends with Thomas and is a torchbearer for keeping the Rocket-Belt flying. There is one flying rocket-belt we know of but I have little information on it. So far Tim Picken’s has acquired the necessary plumbing and tanks, Tim and Mark are doing design work, and are bartering to get parts made on a CNC lathe. If you ever visit the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama be sure to view the scale model of a Rocket Belt Prototype that was designed originally by Thomas Moore that Mark Wells crafted for the museum. Here are a few pictures of the materials and parts we have gathered so far.



    Throttle valves and plumbing



    Valves and hand grips



    D2 H202 Tanks

    N2 Pressurization Tank

    Mighty Mite Regulator