Rocket Engines and Motors





Southern Thunder 750

Boiler Plate Engine for Exhibition Drag Bike

Drawing by Glen May


Southern Thunder 750

Section view rendered

Drawing by Glen May



Sectional view of hybrid motor for manned flight

Drawing by Glen May



The Southern Thunder 750 prototype rocket engine ready for firing on the Test Stand by HARC personnel


Close up of Southern Thunder 750, it may be ugly but it cranked out the thrust



The CATS Rocket 1500 pound thrust hybrid motor, built and tested by HARC (High Altitude Research Corporation) This test was used to simulate ignition of a hybrid rocket at 80,000 above sea level from a balloon. Tim Pickens developed this ignition method which performed flawlessly.

Conan 1500 Asphalt-N2O Hybrid motor




The HARC crew preparing Conan 1500 for test firing



A 3000 pound thrust HTPB-LOX Hybrid Motor built by Hybrid Dynamics Aerospace. This motor was tested by HARC (High Altitude Research Corporation) and Hybrid Dynamics Aerospace. The motor test occurred at night and was very impressive.


Not all testing of hybrid motors in Mississippi is done by NASA at Stennis

The Northern end of the state was rocked by Rocket Propulsion of Memphis's Test Facility at Byhalia in 1998 and 1999


The Southern Thunder 750 lets out a rebel yell in hills of North Alabama