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Membership Applications

Benji Laney

Occupation:  Electrician
Education: Soon to be aerospace engineering student
Home state: Alabama

why? Want to design, build, and fly low cost manned spacecraft.

Steve Johnson

Occupation: Machinist

Home State: Alabama

Interest in EMRAA: Manufacturing and vehicle integration of hybrid rocket motors and liquid fuel rocket engines. Rocket fuel formulation. Building and launching experimental manned and unmanned rockets.


Tim Pickens

Occupation - Aerospace propulsion engineer
Education - Bachelors in Business, Associates in machining
Home State - Alabama

Interest in manned rocketry - Building big powerful hybrid and liquid motors
Building a rocket-powered watercraft
Also helping a team be the first in space with amateur
sounding rocket

Project HALO rocket team lead

E - mail

Chris Salmon

Occupation - Aerospace Engineering Student
Home State - Arizona

Interest in manned rocketry - Building and designing hybrid rocket motors
Being the first man to walk on Mars

E - mail

Drop zone Dave

Occupation - Aviation Mechanic
Education - Associates in Electronics

Interest in manned rocketry - Aircraft of all kinds, Parachute recovery systems, Rocket pilot training

Buzz Lange

Occupation - Flight Operations Manager for Xcor Aerospace

Home State - California

Interest in manned rocketry- Engine test and public relations


Glen May

Occupation - In Aerospace

Education - Associates Degree in Chemical Engineering Technology

Home State - California

Interest in EMRAA - Building, driving, flying, and promoting rocket powered vehicles


Mark Jaegar

Occupation - Computer programmer
Education - Bachelors in Psychology

Home state - California

Interest in manned rocketry - Building airframes using composites, test firing rocket motors

e mail

Waldo Stakes

Occupation - Construction worker
Education - self-taught
Home State - California

Interest in Manned Rocketry - Breaking the current land speed record held by the British team. Owner and driver of Sonic Wind , a liquid fueled rocket powered ice sled. Breaking the 1000 mph barrier in Sonic Wind on a frozen lake bed. Rocket motor technology and operations. Becoming the fastest man own Earth.


Bill Burners

Home State - District of Columbia

Interest in manned rocketry- Starting a rocket-plane company to build and sell jet-rocket plane kits to consumers with a non-cryogenic, environmentally friendly rocket assist VTOL option). Based on revenues from the kit plane business, we will move to more capable tail-sitter jet/rocket planes later. Initial marketing will be to the government via Small Business Innovative Research contracts and to consumers via EAA fly-ins and other air shows. The near-term company goal is a 100% reusable tail-sitter rocket plane capable of providing rides to every EMRAA member. We are looking for investors and people who just want to be  a part of a rocket plane company that will put non-cryogenic, environmentally friendly jet-rocket planes in the hands of consumers within the next couple of years.

Email         Website


Occupation: student
home : Georgia

why? interest in all rocketry!


Michael Carden

Home state - Iowa
Occupation - Inventor
Education - Manufacturing Engineering

E - mail

Interest in manned rocketry - Man-rated hydrogen-peroxide liquid monopropellant rocket
engines, life support systems, competing for X-Prize, building manned spacecraft for less than 500,000 dollars


Occupation - Engineer

Education - Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering

Interest in EMRAA - Designing and building manned rocket powered flight vehicles

Dan Sory

Occupation - Commuter Aviation
Home state - Western Michigan

Interest in manned rocketry - Designs and flys high power rockets.  Building 16 ft hovercraft -
interested in fixed and rotary wing aviation. Future projects include LOX/Kero  rocket  engine and  wing in ground effect vehicle.

E-mail -

David Luther

occupation:  draftsman
home:  Michigan

why?  wants to provide drafting services to aid X-prize & CATS prize


Ky Michealson "The Rocketman"

Occupation - High Power Rocketry Manufacturer
Home State - Minnesota

Interest in Manned Rocketry - Setting speed records in rocket powered vehicles
Hold many land speed records including the fastest run in
quarter mile drag strip doing 356 mph
have built and driven rocket-powered cars, canoes,
motorcycles, snowmobiles, dragsters, funny cars, etc.
currently building a unmanned space rocket

E - mail

Brian Houston

Occupation- Welder
Education- OJT
Home State- Mississippi

Interest in manned rocketry- Building hybrid rocket engines, rocket engine operations and logistics, driving exhibition rocket-powered dragsters

Eugene F. Karnish, Jr

education:  business college
occupation:  model rocket manufacturer
home:  Nebraska

why?  X-prize & commercial rocketry interest


Phillip May

Occupation - Computer systems engineer

Education - Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Home State - Tennessee

Interest in EMRAA - Data acquisition on static fired rocket motors,

airframe and motor design, possible test pilot

e mail

"Ready" Ronnie Henry

Occupation - Carpenter

Home State - Tennessee

Interest in EMRAA - Test driver for rocket powered land craft and watercraft

Richard McNeil

Occupation - Computer specialist
Education - Bachelors in Business etc
Home - Memphis, Tennessee

why?  Helping open the space frontier !

E-mail -
web page: Mid-South Space Place

Wayne Vaughn

Occupation- Computer Consultant
Home State- Tennessee

Interest in Manned rocketry- Data collecting on static fired hybrid motor, rocket motor operations

Gary L. Whitney

Education: Associates Degree in Electronics

Occupation: Electrical and Mechanical Troubleshooter

Home State: Tennessee

Interest in EMRAA: Designing and building rocket motors, fuel formulation, wants to be involved with a team to build a manned rocket to reach space.


John Watts

Occupation- Inventor
Home State-Texas

Interest in Manned Rocketry- Designing rockets, bi-propellant liquid rocket engines, rocket powered aircraft, competing for the x-prize

E-mail- watts

Terry Parks

education:  BS Electrical Engineering
occupation:  Chief architect - Centaur Technology
home:  Texas

why?  interest in private space flight


George Kirby

Occupation: aerospace engineering student
home: Dayton, OH
Interests: liquid & hybrid motors :: air dropped rocket planes

contact: phone 937.278.1125

Mike Neil

Occupation: Project Engineer
home state: Washington

why? "born again rocketeer!"



Occupation Supplier of scientific and electronic components, and pyrotechnics
Education - Bachelors in Human Services, Masters in Theology

Interest in manned rocketry - Building a one-man rocket and flying it
Building solid and liquid motors

e mail

Gaston Trinidad

Occupation- Aeronautical Engineering Student
Home State- Magdalena Republica Argentina

Interest in Manned rockety- building and designing solid, liquid, and hybrid rockets.
Interplanetary manned flights